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07928 775015

Registered Charity Number 1162458

If you would like to speak to a counsellor please text your Name, Date of Birth, the first part of your post code, (eg GL15) and contact number to : 07928 775015 and we'll text you back to arrange a phone appointment. Alternatively, if you have Whatsapp, add us to your contacts and message us the same details. We regret that we are currently unable to offer face to face appointments,  and cannot respond to telephone or third party enquiries. 

Please see our links crisis if you require an immediate response to your difficulty. 

We Are currently Only Working Online. 
To Speak To A Counsellor Text Us With Your Name, D.O.B, the 1st part of your Post Code and Number
Can Counselling help me ?
Registered Charity Number 116245
Coronavirus  (Covid 19) A statement.......


In accordance with the UK Government's move to the reduce the spread of COVID-19, Share YPCS  has temporarily suspended face to face counselling sessions.  


We are very sorry to have to do this at such an important time, but in the interest of the greater good we have no choice. However, we are currently offering an on line service. Just text us your name, Date of Birth, the first part of your Post Code, and  contact number and a counsellor will text you back to arrange an appointment.   

We regret we are unable to answer telephone enquires or take request from 3rd parties.  


Please see our other pages, for sources of additional support. 

Thank you for your patience.

The Share Team