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  • Supporting your well-being 

    Learn to respond to your feelings : Don't ignore your anxiety. Remember,all emotions are normal,  so it's perfectly natural to feel anxious when things are uncertain .  Acknowledge that you feel this way and don’t ignore your feelings.  Exploring why you feel this way can help and it might be useful to keep a journal or sketchbook to help you.  An Online journal, such as Reflectly or Daylio can help monitor your mood. 

    Do something you can control

    It can help to express your anxiety in a way that you can control. Again,  this could be writing down what you feel or keeping a journal or sketch book. 

    Let it go

  • Once you’ve written it down, let it go.  Allow yourself to worry, put it down in writing in a notebook, and then put that away. Let it go. 

    Bring it back to the present : With anxiety, it’s often like you’re 10 steps ahead, so bring things back to the present.

    Think about your thought process  Be really aware of what you’re thinking. Sometimes when we're are anxious we catastrophise,  and imagine things are worse than they really are, by focusing on all the 'What ifs?'  Bring things back to what you actually know. Reassure yourself, calm yourself

  • Well-being check

  • Make sure you are looking after yourself. Establish positive routines where the situation allows.  For example, doing what you can to help get a good night’s sleep, eating well and exercising,  like a going for a walk if you aren’t in isolation.  If we manage our health like this, it can help make us more robust against anxiety. 


    It’s important to make sure you are doing the usual self-management of any pre-existing condition. Remember, anxiety can release of stress hormones that can exacerbate physical symptoms. 

  • Anxiety links our brain and body. Make sure you are doing what you can to look after your physical health. Breathing techniques and mindfulness can help. See below.

  • Breathing techniques and mindfulness

  • Practicing mindfulness or using breathing techniques to help you relax.These can be helpful in managing anxiety. They are good tools for dealing with nervous feelings. You can find free body scan and mindfulness resources online. Here’s a nice body scan one on 

  • YouTube:

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