Share's Contract With You

Before we start your counselling, your counsellor will inform you of a few things that you need to know.

We carry out an assessment so we can understand your well-being needs. This helps us identify the right counsellor for you and also so we can understand if Share is the right service for you.

Your counsellor will read a brief statement. At the end of the assessment,  they will ask you if you agree and are happy to proceed with counselling. If you’re not, they'll see if there’s another service that we can recommend you contact. Very rarely, we may feel, there’s a reason why Share is not the right service for you, and we can chat about that later if that’s the case

Please be aware that we are a counselling, not a crisis service, therefore there are limits to what we can offer you in terms of support. For example, if you are hearing voices, we may recommend that you see your doctor to get more specialist support.

Share only operates on a Thursday evening between 6 and 9pm, therefore we can only offer counselling sessions between those times. Is that okay for you?

The assessment and any future counselling sessions are confidential. However, there are some circumstances when we need to break that confidentiality: These are:

  • Share counsellors all have supervision and it’s important they talk with their supervisors about their clients to ensure you get the strongest support.

  • If you, your counsellor or their supervisor feel it's in your best interest that we pass certain information on to others, for example, if you are suffering or likely to suffer significant harm or if you tell us about others that may be in harmful situations/at risk.

You also need to know that Share counsellors keep brief factual notes which are kept in a safe and ethical manner in line with General Data Protection Regulations (May 2018). They are not shared with other people without your consent except, as stated above, in circumstances likely to involve serious harm.

Legally you have the right to ask for a copy of your personal information, free of charge, in an electronic or paper format. You also have the right to ask for an amendment or to change any incorrect information held about you. You have the right to ask to erase any information that is held about you. We hold your information for six years.

Share can initially offer you a maximum of 6 sessions, and each session can last up to 50 minutes. After that time, we will have to stop. Please be aware, there is a high demand for our service. If you decide not to continue, please notify Share as soon as possible. Appointments that are missed incur a considerable cost to the organisation and deny the opportunity to others.

We ask that you commit to be available for all appointments and give us more than two days’ notice if you are unable to keep an appointment. Should you miss an appointment, Share reserves the right to discontinue your counselling. You may re-apply later if you wish, and your name will be added to our waiting list.

Share is a totally free counselling service, but like everyone else we have overheads. If you'd like to donate to us, you'll find details on the front page of our web site.